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Aviva Shower Gel 1oz.

Aviva Shower Gel 1oz.

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DHA Infused Shower Gel

Why Get This: One of the few spray tan safe soaps on the market, will help keep a tan lasting fresher longer, and can increase a tan’s life by up to three days.

Extras: Blended with DHA. Formulated with all natural, plant-derived ingredients. Made with Aloe Vera. Paraben-Free.

Who it’s for: clients who want a spray tan safe soap that also enlivens their color so it stays looking fresh and new, and clients who just want a hint of color, but who have not received a spray tan.

For best results: Shower as normal, using Shower Glow in place of your daily body wash. Does not require gloves—it will not result in any tanning of the palms.