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MaxiMist™ Allure Pro Spray Tanning System (1 ProGun Spraygun)
MaxiMist™ Allure Pro Spray Tanning System (1 ProGun Spraygun)
MaxiMist™ Allure Pro Spray Tanning System (1 ProGun Spraygun)

MaxiMist™ Allure Pro Spray Tanning System (1 ProGun Spraygun)

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MaxiMist™ Allure Xena Pro Spray Tanning System

The Stylish MaxiMist™ Allure Xena Spray Tanning System paired

with the MaxiMist™Pro Series Spray Gun.

MaxiMist™brands provide unparalleled reliability, Elegant High Style design, whisper quiet operation in a Professional Level Spray Tanning System.


Package includes complete system (110v , USA Voltage only)


25 Plus uses a day!


Key Features

MaxiMistPro Pro Series Spray Gun
High volume spray gun providing outstanding atomization for perfect coverage as well as reducing over spray.  (see more gun specifics below)

Quick Connection Gun to Hose Connection

Quick Connection attachment, prevent gun loosening from the hose.
Simple Twist & Lock base/hose connection insures a solid Air hose to system base connection.

evo hose_w_pro adapter-small

Stylized Salon Design
High Gloss black surfaces and bronze metallic finishes give this machine a lavish feel of glamour, class and luxury.

Simple On/Off Power Control Dial
Simply turn the dial to power the unit on or off

Whisper Tech Quiet Turbine Noise Reduction
Less noise (72db) allows more flexibility for salons, spas and mobile techs. You can now listen to your customers and students.

Retractable Hidden Carry Handle
Unique hidden handle sits neatly within the design of the turbine and pulls up to aid in storing and moving the machine.


Unique Turbine Filtration Air Filter Placement
Over spray is channeled behind the side panel and directed into the filter hidden underneath the unit

On board Spray Gun Storage
Simply insert the Spray Gun into the on board Spray Gun Storage area.

On board Power Cord Management
Compact and easy to store away, with a practical, first to the market, cable management feature at the base of the unit.

The Professional Gun:

The MaxiMist™ Pro Series Spray Gun is extremely lightweight compared to other spray guns of its type. The entire gun is made with Lightweight Air Craft Grade Aluminum providing many years of service with ease of care.

The MaxiMist™ Pro Series Spray Gun is combined with a .05mm Stainless Steel tip and needle assembly that provides unparalleled Tanning Solution atomization giving a flawless application with the least amount of over spray.

The MaxiMist™ Pro Series Spray Gun also features a Duck Bill to control solution back flow instead of the standard check valve. Check valves clog easily and cause many spray guns to simply not spray. Our unique Duck Bill eliminates this issue forever.

No Check Valve

With a Cool Grip ergonomic handle the MaxiMist™ Pro Series Spray Gun is simply a pleasure to use.

Cool Grip Handle


Easy To Use Adjustments:

Simple adjustments for both spray pattern width as well as vertical and horizontal techniques and air flow allow you to precisely control the spray pattern to fit your method and will apply any tanning solution with flawless precision.

(image representation only, actual gun may vary slightly in appearance/color/style details)


Horizontal Technique (Spraying Left to Right)             Vertical Technique (Spraying Up & Down)


The MaxiMist™ Pro Series Spray Gun features an EZ Flip adjustment knob that allows you to quickly dial into “Airbrush” mode for touch ups and contouring.

Airbrush Mode


         Airbrush Mode


   Standard Mode



Airbrush Mode Round Pattern for Contouring, Touch ups, Bikini Lines



  The MaxiMist™ Pro Series Spray Gun Package includes over $75.00 worth of extras, FREE.

The three extra solution cups are ideal for storing different blends and can be used to ‘hot-swap’ during busy sessions.


The spares pack ensures you are always prepared.

  • 3 Extra 8oz/250ml Cups w/Lids
  • 3 Extra Cup Gaskets
  • 1 Extra Solution Pick Up Tube
  • 1 Extra Air Tube
  • 1 Extra Needle Spring
  • 1 Extra Duck Bill Assembly
  • 1 Needle Packing Set
  • 1 Bottle of Spray gun Lube
  • 1 wrench
  • 1 cleaning brush
  • Cup holder insert
  • Everything you need to maintain your gun for years of service.
  • Lifetime Warranty on Pro Gun (limited)



  • Usage Rating: 25 applications per day (150 weekly)
  • Power Source: 110v
  • Power Consumption: 300w
  • Noise Rating: 72db  (similar in loudness to a hand held hair blow dryer)
  • Hose: 11.5ft, remove from gun for Blow Dry
  • Cup: 8 oz
  • System Total Weight: 3.5lbs
  • 2 Year Turbine Motor Warranty (limited)
  • Pro gun lifetime Warranty (limited)
  • Model: 0800B

Package Includes:

  • MaxiMist™ Allure Turbine
  • Air hose with Quick Connection adapter attachment
  • Cup holder insert to securely seat the pro-gun into the cup pocket
  • 1 MaxiMist™ Pro Series Spray Gun with attached cup (8 oz)
  • 3 Extra Cups with lids
  • Spare Parts Kit (Turbine Filter, Cup Gasket, Solution Pick Up Tube, gun repair kit)
  • Detailed Instruction Manual