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Protect Your Clients' Feet with Sticky-Feet!

Avoid Client embarrassment from discoloration on foot soles.

Provide a Professional hygienic option for all of your clients.

Spray Tan Sticky Feet Foot Protectors Light/Med Pink  (light pink – color may vary based on your monitor settings)
  • Disposable, tanning application only, protective footwear only- not for driving or outside wear
  • Light Pink color, light adhesive – Residue free removal
  • Removable paper backing allows easy stick/easy peel off removal from most feet
  • Protects entire foot bottom
  • One size fits most, Men or Women. Protects up to Men’s USA size 12 foot.
  • Bulk Wrapped 50pair per pack for easy dispensing, can be used on ether foot
  • pre-moisten feet if needed for removal ease

Foot of a female foot lays on a palm, isolated on a white background, please see some of my other parts of a body images:

No More ORANGE Feet

Clean Feet every time !!


Available in bulk packs of 100 pieces (50 pair), 200 (100 pair), 400 (200 pair) & 1000 (500 pair).



Dry Skin Tip:

For easy removal pre-moisten foot and foot sole with a light moisturizer or Barrier cream to allow easier removal. Especially helpful in dry locations, or for clients with dryer feet.